Dance for Kids

dance for kids

Dancing always delivers great benefits to your child. Speaking of physical ones, Ballroom and Latin dancing in its training process develops great body shape, forms strong legs' muscles and arms' flexibility. It also helps to improve all points of overall fitness conditions like strength, endurance, and agility. On the other hand, dance for kids truly helps your child to develop aspects like coordination, good posture, and sense of rhythm. It is said that being active while exercising and transforming musical experiences into meaningful dance movements - such skills and approach is needed for the harmonious and balanced development of a child.


When you should register your child

You can register your child at any age after he/she becomes 4 years old, however, if you are thinking about starting his or her dance career as by progressing to competition level, the best approach for enrolment is the range of 5-7 years old, in some cases even older. The Ballroom Dance Classes studio's programs are strictly adapted to the age of a child. Dance classes for kids ages 5-6 are usually held in a pleasurable manner; young dancers start capturing their first dance images by learning and performing first basic steps and routines. They immediately begin to engage in the DanceSport program at the age of 7-8 where the focus will be towards mastering suitable to their dance level technics and choreography. Dmitry, your dance teacher, always tries to find an individual approach to each of his little students. Please contact the studio to find the right group classes or private lessons as well as recommendations for the best form of training. You can do it at any age of your child.


Good manners beyond dancing skills

Dancing for kids does not only teach the aspects of Latin and Ballroom, but it also grants basics of etiquette, good manners and presentable look in front of the public. To achieve all this Dmitry will help your child to become more disciplined, collected and responsible. Within a few months of enrolment in kids’ ballroom dancing lessons, your child takes over these qualities in his or her daily manners.

Dance Teacher

Do you know that your dance teacher, Dmitry Rusak, won 3 place at the World Championship (Formation)
and during 1995 – 1999 yrs
was Champion of Israel
in ST, LA and 10 dances.

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Wedding First Dance

wedding first dance

Getting married soon?!! Your beautiful and unique choreography for your wedding first dance is here. Dmitry will use his more 15 years experience to make it happened.

Ladies Only Fitness

special dance classes for ladies

Ladies Only Fitness group…Use this great opportunity if you don't have a dance partner to learn and practice with.

Private Dance Lessons

private dance lessonsThe great benefit of those lessons is the instructor's ability to introduce to the student any particular dancing style or technique in much faster and efficient way than in the group classes.