Ladies Only Fitness

special dance classes for ladies

Join our ladies only fitness group and learn to dance to various Ballroom and Latin rhythms and popular dances such as the Tango, Cha Cha, Salsa, Rumba and more…Use this great opportunity if you don't have a dance partner to learn and practice with.


Classes' arrangement

Group classes for ladies usually become arranged from 4-6 female students, which makes it less expensive than private lessons. In addition to styling and technique aspects of different dances, ladies learn a variety of dance steps, figures, and patterns. Then they practice all those when partnering with the professional dance teacher. The great portion of fitness and exercises also comes from line dancing, which always brings a lot of fun and positive energy. Please contact the studio for more information and classes that are available.


Try us first

Contact us to book an APPOINTMENT and TRY OUR LADIES FITNESS CLASS!!! Come in and take this opportunity FOR A FUN TIME!!!!!

Dance Teacher

Do you know that your dance teacher, Dmitry Rusak, won 3 place at the World Championship (Formation)
and during 1995 – 1999 yrs
was Champion of Israel
in ST, LA and 10 dances.

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Private Dance Lessons

private dance lessonsThe great benefit of those lessons is the instructor's ability to introduce to the student any particular dancing style or technique in much faster and efficient way than in the group classes.