Wedding First Dance

wedding first dance

Getting ready to dance at the reception on that such memorable event of your life? We can help you to get rid of the stress of having to learn how to dance by making this experience flowing smoothly and worry-free. Please take a time and look on the packages described below. Don't worry if any of those didn't match your preferences as we always able to modify it accordingly your needs. As a part of wedding first dance service we welcome you to review your ideas and all suitable songs for your performance with your dance teacher at no additional cost.
Please note that every wedding class will be set as private lesson unless there is a requirement to arrange special group classes for number of wedding couples participated.
Great news, for limited time only, all shown prices include taxes and studio's floor fees, so you don't need to pay any extra :)

Crash Course 1-3 one-hour lessons

Your Wedding just around the corner and you need to survive dancing at the reception.

Wedding First Dance Dance

Your first dance in ONE or TWO lessons!
Yes, its definitely possible. Even one lesson is better than an
awkward, homemade-style shuffle. In addition to some steps and
figures we will choreograph your elegant entrance and of course, a finale dip.
1 lesson for $95 ||| 2 lessons for $190
Package of 3 lessons for $280

Standard 4-7 one-hour lessons

Simple choreography based on easy steps, figures and spins.

Wedding First Dance Dance

Glide across the floor with a variety of fun and easy dance pat-
terns, including twirls and dips. If you desire to look elegant and keep things simple, this packa-
ge will certainly work for you. Make sure that you have 1-2 month prior the event as we need to master your chosen dance style.
Package of 4 = $370 ||| Package of 5 = $460
Package of 6 = $555 ||| Package of 7 = $650

First and other dances 8 one-hour lessons

Learn some social or club dances in addition to your wedding first one.

Wedding First Dance Dance

Obviously, first dance is not the only dance you can enjoy during your wedding event. This package is the combination of the Stan-
dard wedding dance choreography and basics routines of some soci-
al or club dances like Swing, Salsa or Hustle. Perfect choice for those who want to dance at the reception and keep swinging till the rest
of the evening.
Included: Standard (package of 5) + 3 lessons for any two Social or Club dance styles, the Ballroom Dance Classes studio teaches
*contact us if you need to customise the package

Wedding and Honour Dances 9 one-hour lessons

Respect each of your parents with the honour dance after you've performed your first one.

Wedding First Dance Dance

The charming tradition of dancing with parents at the wedding can 
be the most remarkable and pleasurable moment of your event. This package gives you the best of two worlds. Besides your fully chore-
ographed first one you will learn the honour dance with each parent individually.
Included: Standard (package of 5 or 6) plus 3-4 lessons
for the mother-son and the father-daughter dances
*contact us if you need to customise the package

Advanced 8-15 or more one-hour lessons

For those who really want to WOW their guests.

Wedding First Dance Dance

Flash up your dance with more Steps, Styling and Techniques. Learn advanced moves and skills. Master a flashy wedding dance with dips, twirls, and lifts. Amaze your guests and yourself with beautifully choreographed wedding dance you have always dreamed about.
Package of 8 = $745  ||| Package of 9 = $835
Package of 10 = $920 ||| 11 or more + $90 for each additional lesson after you have purchased package of 10

Wedding Party 9 one-hour lessons

The perfect dance party starts here!

Wedding First Dance Dance

Get down with your friends at the reception. Start with slow dance then suddenly explode the dance floor with any crazy idea involving your best friends. Have the wedding party come in and learn with 
you some basic moves and spins, making this fun experience unforgettable.
Included: Standard (package of 5) plus your 4 group classes together with wedding party (up to 10 people)
*contact us if you need to customise the package

Dance Teacher

Do you know that your dance teacher, Dmitry Rusak, won 3 place at the World Championship (Formation)
and during 1995 – 1999 yrs
was Champion of Israel
in ST, LA and 10 dances.

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Ladies Only Fitness

special dance classes for ladies

Ladies Only Fitness group…Use this great opportunity if you don't have a dance partner to learn and practice with.

Private Dance Lessons

private dance lessonsThe great benefit of those lessons is the instructor's ability to introduce to the student any particular dancing style or technique in much faster and efficient way than in the group classes.

Group Dance Classes

private dance lessonsAt the group class you learn with other students, who at the same level as you. You don't even need to have a partner from the beginning. You can enter the existing group classes accordingly your level of dance.